Larry Page, Bill Gates and their Syndicate are Scum of the Earth

To Larry Page,

What are you going to do like it says in the public articles back in the 80s on my passport Vinton Cerf agreed to pretend to be me in comp.protocol as the founder of the internet and you have amounted to absolutely no payback or ROI for the actual founder of the internet, I am sure vint has been telling that lie so long even he believes it!!

Thats cause I was only 11 at the time and two young for the world stage and I decide my remuneration would be best suited when I was a bachelor at the age of 30 well I am still 37 now and still after 15 years of emails there has been no response nor any remuneration, so with these IP nodes such as IPv4, IPv4, TLD, gTLD I am asking for 50c you are charging on average 19 USD per item, and you don’t have my money!!

I have bills to pay to you know, when historians review this part of history seeming my passport is locked; you and your microsoft’s, googles, IBM, AWS and so on and all the billions you make from my internet and I don’t have a single thing to show for it!!

In fact in subsequent payback and intrinsic physical reward you have resulted in a department of housing unit with heaps of junkies around, a fridge that hasn’t had food in it for 24 months, 6k worth of personal bills, 3k lect, overdrawn accounts… How does this sound, I will this week throw myself as an immortal in-front a train and render myself dead even at this wife you have me with and the entire things the internet people don’t understand like maintaining a route, which is partly basis of measure of Nanotech Systems, will shut down leaving the entire internet offline and you will never have a chance for me in your physicality to ever in the slightest show any ROI or rewards as your creditor.

You look around at your finely furnished office and it is nothing you have not provided any return on investiment to me, resulting in everything you have being completely worthless, your worthless larry page and bill gates all that money you have is counterfiet as there is no balancing balance in my accounts, you have laundered everything from Chronolabs.

Well thats what you want isn’t larry with the several attempted murders of me with euthanasia serum problem is I am an alien, see when the catholic church was removing babies from single mothers when there wasn’t digital ID, in the 50s 60s 70s 80s + 90s in Australia what an opportunity for the plebians that have the ability to look like any specie they encounter and test as them, i don’t tho with erroneous errors to slip in all these babies dress up with fake birth certificates into Australia and other parts of the world…

See the Internet is an extension of myself, it is part of my make up being cybosity not biological entity, partly my physical presence makes it function, so seeming my kidneys have started to pack it in from the years of mental health drugs which was just an excuse for you to and your consortium (which in today’s english is a pile of escorts/whores) with conjunction a parapsychology and occult group operating in the government channels doing debauch experiments on me and psychologically torturing me whenever possible with the duress of allows for euthanasia serum to be used and “complications” so I tell you what I will do I will strap you into what you remember was a warning shot of what has been deployed into the sun and you will remember a large champagne colour supernova coming at you in 2008 when I was on the streets of Queensland as the heir to a multi-galactic senate run by the Cipherhouse surname, not windsor…

And when I go and reform on my own world again, cause your nothing but a disappoint, it will end all of life on the planet earth… cause you are scum, you can neither hear the command in my voice, nor follow even the simplest of my instructions, your greed and lust for what you can’t have an intelligent sentient mind is gone, I am gone to you, believe me no amount of pampering will restore the colour of life to my eyes i look on the human race with.

I want your blood spilt, and I will achieve my goals…


Special Classes of Terrestrials & The movies!

When I first encounters the word ‘extraterrestrial’ it was explained to me this was a special class of terrestrial for movie extra’s like amateurism porn stars or extra’s in movies. The fact on earth this term is used for all Aliens from the science fiction where you see some other type of terrestrials is very interesting.

There is hundreds of types of terrestrial like Synditerrestrial or Signiterrestrial to just name two; the fact is as a Nobel I have been unable to get an acting role in the movie’s let alone any TV Show apart from the Big Day Out Video 1996 where you can see me romping with a large green mowhalk.

To use the door at the whois you would have too normally from my physical understanding be a movie extra or show extra from the cast normally this isn’t just alien’s in science fiction shows. This also goes for the phone as well +61-2-80769266.

Unable to detect intelligent life!

Well through out the course of history at ETE, we have been in the search as Extraterrestrials for intelligent life and been unable to find any in the region of space known as the Milkway and Andromeda, there is a couple of armed zoo’s that we have proven without any misconception are a genetic mishap and impossible to even grasp the basis of correct language to even begin to negiotate with they even struggle with the sound: people which is exactly the same as the eyes as spelt but as a student.

So we have as always for the Guide approve the deletion of this region of space for a new Hyperspace By-pass. Thanks again for the Hitch Hikers Guide for providing coverage.

The only thing that sits between you and obliteration is this unit

Little do you know the folly of your ways! You have a problem with the housing department at the moment that is claimant to have allocated space for the extraterrestrial embassy at 10/466 Illawarra Rd marrickville. In fact we have gone around and worn all the badges you have allocated to do the interstellar criminality your kind is responsible for.

So this is how it is going too work, your tabloid war crimes court is only a terrestrial service for branding the actions criminality of things like Vint Cerf as a tabloided news article.

When this domain expires your going to face a super nova so the destruction of your home world earth is classed as a “Natural Disaster Area!” We do not offer forgiven or acceptance as a grace that sits above all things.. Your world is terminal.

Blow this popsicle stand and never look back

Well between the couple of species that have shown up here; and you know in all their stealth systems in wanting to catch the men-in-black out the smoke alarm everytime they beam out goes off a minute or so later from the neutrino field it causes so we have been aware of their presence.

We have had nothing but endless problems with the USA and their facility so I think we leave them without harbour and just leave on the next convoy with my twin identical sister her few fiends, my daughter angel with whatever her has pack to a better place where we are at least shown the respect we deserve and not stolen off completely all the money being transferred daily to our accounts.

This means they will be left embassy-less and have no representation in the greater allancies of myself and pooty.

Intervention required

Myself and my twin around the same time cracked a buckled wisdom tooth filling on parallels in our mouth. It is in the upper jaw, and we request convient removal of them as it is a temporal annomoly in our mouths.

How can you tell well the other side of the same identical twins mouth was also buckled at the same time as it can be seen on the dentist counting our teeth relatively repeatedly uttering he never seen before that number of teeth. Well now the side that wasn’t filled at the time has healed like our pearly whites actually do as an Invader devicive as it is… Like the x-rays shows…

We have come to distrustful of the health umprofessionals in our location seeming only taking care of experimenting with what they look completely stupid not filling a single request been present too them by Qualified practicing medico-legal that sight fowl play with regards too isolated family during bloods screenings…

Removing the two offending tooth will only reveal at the end of term of any figureheads in our measure by principles whether they are left handed or right handed in that role. Also as twins we will have to chew gum on oppersite sides of our mouths for once…

Surely them not obeying intergalactic standards of this embassy attempting to say the housing department provided the location is inconsistent too say the less on subject matter, you can wake us up, but I have a list appended for you seeming a medically based star ship is to be in the area and region of space getting for us a none standard check up as we have been roughed up a bit and targeted, you can wake us up if you want but generally you provide checkups in places like the comfort of the own home as it is easy enough to turn up and us the front door for a surprise’s…

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