Apr 13 2014

Happy to host final phase of galactic war under these terms! #earth

It’s come to our attention that there has been some interest placed in my Tweets with the current trans-solar war a couple of other sapiens not from earths solar system is having. At earth we need as many UFO sighting by the population as possible to curb social unrest due to some UFO Doses of MDMA given out by an American Agency at one point in the late 90s. So these are the term of engagement. It is a Dance Party war, which consists of Light & Sound Sound Offs as well as Dance competitions between commanding and lesser commanding officers, you have been killing each other so much that you have lost sight of the important things, life!

There will be the following stages judged by the animals and people of earth:

  • Dance off
  • Sounds & Lights off
  • Best Costume
  • Best Performance artists
  • Best engineering and rowdies
  • Best individual & group

There will be none of the following in any real state:

  • Death of a competitor
  • Death of a spectator
  • Any endangerment of animals

You will have from declaration have to send each opponent a flyer. You will be equipped with holographic choreographers based on the ones on earth. There will be most styles covered that fall, at least 60% of styles have to be covered from earth the rest are broken down by your each and opponents styles.

Thanks & Good Luck!


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  1. mynamesnot

    You know for the first time in a stale mate with war computer signalling war computer, there was no predictable outcome and not final result predictable, with add bonus of new celebrities in game shows for eons onward!

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