Feb 01 2014

Perhaps a written letter #Harold #Area51

Well Harold why do I pick on you? Well it is because I take a great interest in your case profile and the fact no matter what salary you are given, the condition you are in health wise or otherwise you like some of the other EBE at Area 51 are considered by several government’s as Prisons of War that is a POW. The EBE are Illegal laws only are in affect in the USA itself, and is very loosely to the point of being pull-apart-bread with any other independent nation like Australia there is nothing different about looking slightly different, perhaps instead of a pumpkin for a head a melon or different coloured skin cause when it comes down to it if your humanoid that is two arms, two legs and head of some description then you are a human as the next guy or girl or clone and the UN Charter of Human rights definitely is in application.

See had you had the opportunity to come and land in Australia, and referenced that you nether wanted to return to the void of spatial places near and far then you would have turn Australia further from multiculturalism to cosmopolitan (that is more than one higher sentient life form occupying the cities and towns). In Australia if you have some form of passport and come to Australia, I am sure the government would do everything it could for you issuing visa and place of residence just in suburbia where you get to talk to neighbours in the street and house you live in and apart from being a celebrity just from the distance you travelled to come to Australia the application of “Where the Bloody-hell are ya?” would apply, see in Australia we have had so much Sci-Fi and life like representation of EBE’s in our media where only up till last year we only had on analogy television around 6 channels, which was constantly American SPAM shows. Like the American denial of other life being amongst the stars and here on earth.

 When I was 13 to 16 I had a log on with an extremely high rank to Australian Army DSD mainframes and spent some time (Doing a little bit of the Snowden here) reading all the exopolitics documents and discovered there is a Caucasian species that looks just like us clothed except for a different around the mid breast region where there is a depression that goes all the way and visible to the backbone that at this stage of the 1995 documentation has been living amongst us on earth for around 4/5 generation and themselves mainly blissfully except a few unaware of whom they where and are. Years later I was having some problems at my home in Essex St. in Epping where my flat mates stole 26k AUD of me which was for a car to learn to drive and some furniture. I rang a mate Kyle cause i need a place to stay for a few days and he introduced me to a brilliant pianist Mary, who was around 4th Generation of these EBE living amongst us with the same stash point in the mid breast and meeting all the description of the EBE living amongst us; see she was told it was a birth defect the depression in her chest, but in my research babies of just sapient cast die the 2nd or 3rd trimester with such a birth defect and like when i had a chance in our love play to count her ribs, that was a different number of them to a sapient female as well.

In our love play when I was back in Essex St. packing up and getting ready to move as the psychological torture girl Jodie Coleman my estranged ex and someone that didn’t believe time travel existed when I previously in another parallel point got into an argument with her in Emore rd.. Enmore decided to breech the corridor and sneak up on her! I got a call from Kyle cause I had gotten Mary apparently pregnant, not that I have even a photo or a name of the child cause Mary was fried from LSD and an incident that occurred at a Doof and told me to stay away. But she wanted my full name for a Birth Certificate, I would really like to see this girl and my child if it is the case – cause sapiens without genetic alterations can’t get Mary’s specie pregnant due to some enzyme and protein differences. But that is okay ever since I was a child the room i sleep in if not the house, with physics origami sit’s between several worlds at the same time; so stem cells and other genetic cursor can be obtained and used if you know how to open a door to another world of people. Partly cause of this domain registered in 2006 that your motley crew should be at least have author and editor accounts on to blog a solution to being held captive.

I realise on base policies due to USA Legislation from the 1950s you can neither make phone, webcam, or email contact electronically (Not sure about this one) but If you want blogging rights here, just send me a letter with a letterhead to the whois address and I will set up the accounts, passwords and email addresses for the accounts so you can join the blog sphere. Partly why I am involved is due to some genetic cursors that allow me to register this domain as well as physical travel, it is also that at least with Mary and one other EBE under sexual reproduction a catholic and the Christian style law most western nations have would consider is something equivalent to bugger; it really pisses me off with children that have all the intelligence of myself and their mother’s both green, blue and Caucasian are technically unlegislated for now – illegal.

Now Harold as a Girl I have at least once kissed you for your amusement, even though you don’t have a sex. Seeming in some Dynasties I am female normally under the name of Stephanie Roberts and as a male in the parallel points I am at least here known as Simon Roberts. Now in this corridor a couple of times in the night I have woken up as some ninja do shape shift a female with ahh haa that name on my ID card and my underwear at least being plausibly more amusing the way the wardrobe roles around and all my photo’s in this corridor of time; seeming a sexual gender switch happens back to birth; this is called genetic polymorphism.

If you do have a letter to send me, you know my email address, just the same as a written one, include a photo, I wont do a Snowden but you know, I will just set up various accounts to photo’s not upload the photo’s and like you Harold with your .mil email address will delete the mail when done and reply sent. Personally as a diplomat of sorts, I am really embarrassed about the impression the USA Citizens have left on off-worlders & EBE in general, that also goes for the Russians as well, what a shocking embarrassment, kind glad at least the planet is still here and they where consider nothing but infantile!

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  1. mynamesnot

    As Stephanie in Australia I have a long and awarded career in defence and intelligence as well as other parts of the world, the only place where in historical corridors I am in the army in both genders is as a Norwegian national.

    At this point of history I retired with PTSD from Australian Defence around 4 months prior. If myself and Elpiniki can back date the gay marriage bill like a few other couples are poised to we will. But this changes both our appearance and health, also as a tattoo female I am a black Russian. I shouldn’t have tattoo’s on my male side the fact i do is of concern as shifting rolls both sides around as a point of historical notation like moving pictures.

    I tend to listen to the same music the yesteryear of punk, and electro-punk; if your female and you have been sleeping with me as a male your either not in the room I am in as a female or your muffin munching badly even without knowing it. Mind you I still can’t find the punk band “Chicks with Dicks” i search YouTube and all I get is stupid transvestite movies that think you cut out a box and install a disjointed pokie bit! Get a strap-on you can buy them wholesale 15 of them 9″ for 2.55 USD each that a saving in the shop of 45.00 AUD just for one!!

    I am also due to time displacement and multiplexing on multiple worlds and places at the same time so you could call home Harold and talk to me there earlier on than the instance of myself here an now. I still remember our conversations not due to leave your homeworld for another 6/7 years earth time/cycles.

  2. mynamesnot

    Well Kids, I have been badly milked for sperm as a male, but don’t worry blood works and stuff like my ovary donations previously don’t vanish, great thing about a stable cryogenics statise area free of the quandrom of temporal anomalies, just remember when you come out of your mother patch you are a free agent in time and only re-causing your births anyway since the last time you where born in previous historical corridors, amazing the power of feet, hands and a voice in the galactic society!

    I am still wondering where the 50 bucks per reproductive donation is? Mary you owe me 50 bucks, so do you dee and the other lot to countless to use this remember-it ray.

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